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Neubetix Roll on

Good news for those suffering from neuropathy

A natural product for improving blood circulation and immediate relief in case of pain due to neuropathy

The salient advantages of Neubetix

Easy to use: Just like in a roll-on product like a deodorant, here too the product can be easily applied locally

Roll-on can be used on small and large areas of the body, without difficulty

ease of use gives another advantage of a light massage in the painful place, with fresh qualities

Menthol oil and camphor oil together provide freshness, improve blood circulation and relieve local pain

Sunflower seed oil affects the quality of blood circulation and improves it in local absorption

The unique antioxidants in the product will help improve blood circulation and circulation

The product contains camphor oil and paprika extract containing capsaicin, both powerful painkillers

What is Neuropathy, and how can it be treated?

Neuropathy is a disease of the peripheral nervous system, during which the nerve tips are damaged for various reasons, causing nerve, sensory and motor damage usually in areas far from the core of the body, especially the feet and palms. Those who suffer from neuropathy describe feelings of stinging, tickling or “thorns” and a feeling of “sleepiness” in the affected areas, and even a feeling of walking on thorns, which causes real pain of the feet for example.

Neuropathy can occur due to a number of factors, one of the common diseases associated with neuropathy and damage to the peripheral nervous system, is diabetes.

As mentioned, neuropathy is a condition of nerve damage following maternal disease that causes the injury. Nerve damage can also lead to damage to muscle mass and blood flow. The major complications of neuropathy are related to local damage and trauma in the area where the nerves were damaged, which will not be remembered for proper treatment. Even a small mosquito bite, which is not felt and untreated, can become extremely contagious when a neuropathic patient is not aware of it.

Diagnosis of neuropathy is usually made by electrical conduction tests of the nerves (EMG tests), and after diagnosis, a plethora of recommendations can be made to change the patient’s lifestyle. It is important to know that there is currently no preventive treatment in traditional medicine for neuropathy, but rather, the treatment offered to neuropathy patients usually deals with balancing the causes of the disease, such as balancing diabetes.

Neuropathy can occur due to a number of factors, one of the common diseases associated with neuropathy and damage to the peripheral nervous system, is diabetes.

Neubetix – Good news for those suffering from neuropathy

Neubetix is an innovative product that contains herbal active ingredients, which has been researched and found to be effective in case of neuropathic pain or problems with blood circulation, especially in the limbs and peripheral areas of the body. The product, which comes in a roll-on package for quick use, contains components from the capsicum plant (in Hebrew pepper), common sunflower seeds, menthol, camphor, and wine vine (Vitis vinifera).

The preparation allows relief in case of discomfort, pain, and difficulty in blood flow to areas affected as a result of neuropathy or peripheral nerve damage. The use of the roll-on preparation allows immediate relief in case of pain, thanks to the moisturizing qualities of the product. How the product is used, using a roll-on (just like a deodorant) allows for another element of massage, improving blood circulation and also a visual examination during the use of the product over the affected area.

Those who suffer from neuropathy sometimes find that in most cases there is nothing much to do to improve the condition of an area that has already been damaged.

Neubetix offers relief and improvement in the condition of nerve-damaged areas, such as the feet or palms.

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How to use Neubetix?

The manufacturer’s recommendation is to use the product two to three times a day on the affected area, with a local application. The product is approved by the Ministry of Health. The professional staff at Ascarit will be happy to accompany, recommend and assist in choosing the optimal treatment, while combining several products if necessary – for relieving local pain, neuropathy symptoms and diabetes in general.

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